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7+ *Actually Essential* Gifts for Moms (2022)

7+ *Actually Essential* Gifts for Moms (2022)

Looking for cute, unique gift ideas for moms? 

Then you're in the right place - 

Because today, we're rounding up our very favorite gift ideas for moms.

The Best Gifts for Moms 

1. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag in Pastel Pink 

For the busy mama who is always on the go, this super practical and cute belt bag can be worn around the waist, or diagonally across one shoulder. 

We love it in this pretty pastel pink color, and if you are thinking this piece is right for the mama in your life, then you'd better grab one quickly because they sell out all. the. time.

2. Veja Campo Chromefree White Natural Sneakers

Could the perfect white sneaker be the quintessential piece in every cool mom's daily uniform? 


Do the mom you're shopping for's white sneakers look a little worse for wear? 

Show that mama's feet some love, and spoil her with these super cute Veja Campo sneakers. 

3. Melanie Auld 3mm Herringbone Bracelet in Gold Vermeil

A simple piece of pretty jewelry, this Melanie Auld bracelet can be dressed up, or down, and is such a classy, timeless piece that she'll be sure to cherish. 

(Pssst - did you know Melanie Auld is one of Jillian Harris's fav brands? Not to brag, but she's been known to gush over our matching Mama, Baby and Dada North Kinder gear, too! 😍)

4. Saje Aroma Be Free Matte Black Cordless & Rechargeable Diffuser

Have a mama who loves essential oils? 

This *cordless* (yes, we just said cordless) and rechargeable diffuser is a total self-care essential for the mom in your life who seriously deserves a calm, relaxing moment to unwind (which is like, every mom out there, right? 😅) 

5. Yeti Rambler in Taupe 

The perfect adult sippy cup for a mama who deserves nothing but the best 😉.

6. Sugarfina Champagne Bears

Gummy bears. That taste like champagne. 

I mean, does it *get* any better than this??? 

The answer is no. 

These yummy and adorable little sweets are a great little addition to a gift basket for mom, and would pretty much be the perfect accompaniment to our next, and *favorite* gift for that special mama in your life... 

7. North Kinder Mama Sweatshirt with Matching Sweatpants

You didn't think a gift guide would be complete without a luxuriously soft, ridiculously cute and cozy piece, did you? 

A practical necessity for all stylish moms, this Mama sweatshirt in one of our newest colors, marshmallow, features gorgeous embroidery along the collar so that mama can wear that incredibly special title every day. 

Shop our newest Mama Sweatshirts here →

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