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Congratulations! Those 2 little pink lines have appeared before you and it’s time to start gearing up for the pregnancy that lies ahead. So many things must be running through your head at this point, but there are some things you’ll want to make sure you invest in sooner than later. There are lots of lists out there for what to grab after giving birth, but we’ve come up with things you’ll need while growing your precious babe. Take a look!

1. A snoogle (body pillow)
A major pregnancy must have! You may be spending lots of time in bed these next few months – pregnancy is exhausting! A body pillow not only keeps you comfortable but is also a perfect tool afterwards for holding baby or feeding baby too. Most of them have the ability to wrap around your waist or be put into any position you find comfortable which helps as well.
Try this one here: 

2. A comfy pair of PJ’s/loungewear
It’s easy to feel large and not like your usual self during pregnancy, but being comfy doesn’t have to only include a pair of old pj’s – invest in something that’s still comfy but cute at the same time. Something with a really soft cotton or bamboo will help you feel comfortable in your own skin. These can go right from the hospital room to the bedroom at home!
Try some of ours: 



3. Frida mom – upside down peri bottle
Buy this – now. You’ll thank us later. No matter the birth you go through (whether it be through caesarean or natural) you’ll need one of these nifty tools to help make going to the bathroom as pain free as possible (although that may be hard to do at the beginning!) Some hospitals give you one of these before you leave, but the upside-down fabrication of the Frida Mom bottle is unlike anything else.

4. A GOOD and trusty water bottle
Hydration is key during pregnancy and not always the easiest to keep up on! Hydration after birth is also important, so invest in that standout bottle now! Something that keeps water cold as well so you’re not constantly having to fill it with ice cubes.

5. Snacks – lots of snacks
Just as important as hydration, keeping a full stomach is important during pregnancy.
Life can be busy but having a snack accessible at any time can do wonders for constant hunger and occasional nausea you might be experiencing!

Pregnancy is a wild and long journey so it’s important to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make that journey as enjoyable as possible. It might be hard sometimes – but you’re growing a life! It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re getting down in the dumps or having some rough days, make sure to have all of these musts on hand so you can feel comfortable and calm throughout all of those 9 months!


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