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The warm weather, the rays of sunshine, the sun setting way later than normal – can you feel it? Summer is approaching and it’s time to start writing down things you want to get done with your family before it quickly comes to an end!

In Canada, there’s really only a few short months that we get to enjoy the nice summer weather so it’s imperative that we make the best of it. Check out some of the recommendations we have when it comes to building that Summer Bucket List!

1. Get a library card!
Now of course we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but there will still be some rainy days and also some really hot days where you want to be inside where air conditioning is pumping. The library is the place to be and has options to keep the whole family entertained.


2. Grab a sprinkler!
A swim in a pool is nice, but sometimes you just want to cool down quickly on a hot summer day. Kids love to run around, and they love to dodge and duck the water as it comes down – a win win for everyone.

3. Get some ice cream!
Who doesn’t love ice cream? We call it the official food group of the summer. Try
out a new place every once in a while, while also trying some new flavors! Try to
stray from your regular double scoop cookie dough order to make it more fun.

4. Go for a bike ride!
Get everyone out for some exercise and explore the outdoors around you. Any kind of activity is a good activity but there’s something about bike riding that makes it more fun to do as a family!

5. Create a chalk drawn obstacle course!
Instead of your regular chalk art, try making an obstacle course on your driveway!
Include things like hopscotch, hoops to jump in and trapeze lines to walk across.
Endless fun!

6. Fly a kite!
When was the last time you flew a kite? It’s probably been a while! Kites are easily found at stores all summer long – find one and take it to the skies!

7. Plan a picnic in the park!
Pack some sandwiches, some water bottles and your favourite picnic blanket. The perfect way to enjoy the warm weather!

8. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt!
Can you spot a for sale sign? A fence? A mailbox? Have fun walking around your neighbourhood and see if your kids can spot some things.


9. Plan an outdoor movie night!

Pickup a cheap projector and head outside with some popcorn and drinks. Things
are much more fun outdoors – aren’t they?

10. Enjoy every last minute!
These are all fun things to do but most of all – enjoy yourselves! Sleep in, stay up late, eat some junk food and spend your days outdoors as much as possible.

The countdown is on and summer will be here before we know it! Like they say – April showers bring May flowers so here’s hoping the warmer weather is closer than we actually think it might be. Come on, summer!


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